Encephalartos arenarius ‘True Blue’


Encephalartos arenrius “True Blue’

Blue. Very blue.


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Encephalartos Arenarius ‘True Blue’

Welcome to Cape Cycads. We specialize in rare, blue and hard to get cycads. We aim to provide perfect customer service, and leave you 100% satisfied with your cycad purchase. Cycads are our passion. We care about their propogation and assisting this amazing plant to thrive around the globe.

These seeds have been bred from ‘pure’ South African parents that were imported into Australia. They have been freshly harvested during March 2021 and are due to sprout around October 2021. Both the male and female plants have been included in the photos. Only seeds that sink are offered for sale. Several seeds have been cut and demonstrate developing, fertile embryos.

Known as the “True Blue Arenarius” or “Blue Arenarius” this amazing blue cycad has enthralled the cycad community worldwide. No other plant in recent memory has generated such interest. A cluster of this particular cycad was found on a farm in South Africa. It was imported by a well known cycad collector and author into the US. The offspring of this cycad cluster were propagated and have only been offered for sale on a limited basis by a select number of individuals in the US. These seeds are descended from this original cluster that were imported from South Africa into Australia. This plant is NOT the standard blue form of arenarius. Beware as some regular arenarius with blue coloring have been offered as True Blue when they are indeed not descended from this original colony. Seeds of this plant are very rarely offered in Australia. It is a gorgeous unique plant with the wide leaflets of an arenarius and the ice blue coloring of a horridus. It is one of the most amazing blue cycads at our nursery.

Cape Cycads is proud to make these seeds available for sale.

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