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Cape Cycads has a vibrant colony of these magnificent plants. They are our signature plant and we are pleased to offer freshly harvested seed in March 2021. Germination of these rare beauties will be around October 2021.
Of all the cycads in existence, the ones with a blue color to the leaves are most popular.  True, the common Sago Palm is more frequently seen in landscapes, but among collectors, botanists and cycad enthusiasts, the blues rank as number one.  Encephalartos horridus is such a blue cycad and is native to the Eastern Cape region of the Republic of South Africa.  Overall it is small in stature, likes sun and heat, and is fairly cold tolerant.  From a nurseryman’s point of view, I would rank it as the most popular of all the blue cycads.  Almost all serious cycad enthusiasts have one or more in their collections or gardens.  It has very spiny leaflets and develops a silver-blue color when in the sun. It also makes an ideal potted plant for a sunny location.  Below I will discuss this species, its characteristics, its culture and usage in the landscape.


Cape Cycads is nestled within the pristine natural forests of the south-western corner of Western Australia. Although specializing in the Encephalartos species of cycad, Cape Cycads grows and propagates a wide variety of other species in the genus including Cycas, Zamia, Dioon, Ceratozamia and Microcycas. Other beautiful and rare plants are also grown.

Nothing but pure rainwater is used to irrigate all plants in the nursery. The absence of chlorine, CA-ions and MG-ions as well as other additives that are found in scheme water and the presence of NO3-ions found in rainwater assist our plants to achieve strong growth and reproduce regularly. Most nurseries that grow cycads are located in tropical or sub-tropical locations. A great many cycads are not native to these climates and modify their growing habits as a result. Cape Cycads is located in a true Mediterranean temperate climate that is matched to their native growing conditions.

High quality composts are sourced and used to not only minimize water use but to provide each plant with high quality nutrients. The correct mix is blended to ensure the correct nutrients are available at all times during the growing season. The Indian Ocean provides a fitting background for these incredible plants. Not only do the plants provide natural beauty but they are growing in natural beauty.

Constant and careful attention is paid to the growth of these amazing plants. Liquid, organic fertilizers are regularly applied to ensure required nutrients are delivered when required.

Cycads are water-wise and are ideal for xerophytic plantings. Once established, they are drought hardy.

Cycads......a great investment.

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