Encephalartos lehmannii seed


These lehmannii have a beautiful blue/silver colour. First thing in the morning, more blue than silver. In the late afternoon, more silver than blue. An amazing cycad that is easy to grow and stops visitors to the nursery in their tracks.

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Cape Cycads is proud to offer seed of E. lehmannii for sale. The blue/silver colour of the leaves are striking in any garden.
This cycad is of diminutive size, rarely exceeding a meter trunk although six foot trunked specimens in the wild have been seen.  Leaves are of four, maximum five feet long.  Thus, the average overall height of a garden plant is rarely over six feet.
There are many fascinating characteristics about this plant.  Primarily, it is a very prominently blue cycad – sometimes almost silver in leaf color.  Leaflets are spineless except at their tips.  The leaves are upright and, with many sets of leaves, the upper half of a sphere in shape.  At the base of the leaf stem there is a golden color collar attached to the trunk.  Both male and female plants are needed for seed production.
A vigorous grower in any sub-tropical, arid or temperate/Mediteranean climate.
This species should be showcased as it has beautiful color and often have striking leaf shape.
Encephalartos lehmannii is a rare South African species.  Blue cycads tend to be more expensive than green varieties, but this species is somewhat fairly affordable.

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